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Inspections and Services

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When you're in the process of buying or selling a home, it's important to be confident about its true value. Heritage Home Inspectors offers property inspection services in the Canonsburg, PA and the greater Pittsburgh area that can give you the facts you need to know.

By hiring one of the area's most accomplished certified home inspectors, you'll learn about any potential problems with the home's major systems. As a buyer, you'll have information to make an educated purchase. As a seller, you can fix any issues before your home goes on the market.

Schedule a property inspection in Canonsburg, PA and the greater Pittsburgh area by contacting Heritage Home Inspectors today.

Add-ons and Additional Inspection Services

The danger of radon gas in our homes - concept with periodic table of the elements, radioa

Radon testing

Is there a silent killer in your home?
Learn more about radon levels in the greater Pittsburgh area and add radon testing to your inspection by Heritage Home Inspectors.

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Pest Inspection

Are there unwelcomed guests in your home? Add a pest inspection onto your home inspection by Heritage Home Inspectors to ensure there are no creepy-crawly surprises.

Septic Dye Test

Does your home have a septic system? Regulation require a septic system dye test to ensure no leakage into the surrounding environment. Schedule a dye test today.



Commercial building inspections can can help identify which property is best for your business to close. Contact Heritage Home Inspectors to schedule a commercial inspection.

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3 reasons why you need Heritage Home Inspectors

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Learn about potential issues before buying

Participate in your full home evaluation with your inspector, allowing questions to be addressed immediately. We will review major structures and systems of home (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.) with the objective to provide understanding of condition of components. See our advice on Redfin's blog.


Make a knowledgeable investment

Our inspectors will provide a detailed, computer generated report addressing HVAC system, electrical system and many other components of the home, which can help you negotiate for repairs or plan for expenses after purchase. A detailed summary page provides a quick reference of important items.

Fixing issues before listing on the market

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As a seller, simplify the closing process by fixing major problems before potential buyers learn about them. A detailed report provides greater peace of mind in the complicated and important acquisition of your future home. In a fast-paced market, a pre-listing inspection can help you sell for top dollar.

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