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Pest Inspection

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When you're in the process of buying a new home, it's best to get all the information you can before the closing date. Heritage Home Inspectors will schedule a pest inspection for your home purchase in Canonsburg, PA and the greater Pittsburgh area.

You want to know about any issues that might be lurking when you're preparing to buy or sell a home. Our home inspector will look at all areas of the property, including the interior, exterior, yard, garage, and perimeter.

Be confident in the property you're purchasing by contacting Heritage Home Inspectors today for a pest inspection in Canonsburg, PA and the greater Pittsburgh area.

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3 reasons to add a pest inspection to your inspection:

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A pest inspection helps you know about pest problems before moving in, and you can take the necessary measures to address and eradicate them.

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You can avoid future regret. Imaging spending thousands of dollars on your new home, then discovering a pest issue, jeopardizing the property, your wallet, and your health.

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Pest inspections can give you the upper hand in negotiations, adjusting the actual value of the property, or having the seller address the pest issues before closing.

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