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For Home Buyers

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The Heritage Home Inspectors Difference

Our Home Inspector provides you with local expertise and valuable information about a property you are interested in before you close. We examine the structure and major systems such as HVAC system, electrical systems, and plumping, ensuring what items are up to code, which items need updating, and which items may be harmful/dangerous and need immediate attention. Heritage Home Inspectors then provides a detailed, objective report to you and your real estate agent, allowing you the upper hand when negotiating price of the property.

Join the Inspection

Join our certified home inspections with your agent as we explore the property, top to bottom. You and your agent will have the opportunity to ask a Heritage Home Inspector questions about the condition of the house and its systems. We encourage all home buyers to join us on inspection day - the interactive inspection offers more insight into the actual condition of the home. More insight means a more well-informed purchasing decision. 

Timely Correspondence

Heritage Home Inspectors prides themselves on the timeliness of our communications. This is not only our professional standard, but it also is critical when you are trying to quickly close on a property. Our local team in the Greater Pittsburgh area is ready to serve you. Our quick response allows you to schedule an inspection for a time that is convenient for you and your client.


While the home inspection report is important, what Heritage Home inspectors really delivers is peace of mind. Our professional home inspections provide an objective, detailed review of the property, which means no stone is left unturned. This provides assurance that you have the full picture of the property, whether it is minor updates, or major issues needing attention. You will have the peace of mind of knowing the property, top to bottom.

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